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What happened to The Wander Yonder?

by Matt Email


I'm sorry if you have come here looking for the picture galleries. They are temporarily unavailable. Post a comment if you are looking for something specific and I'll see what I can do. I hope to have a nice looking archive of our travel blog posts up in a little while (mid-2011) and I'm trying to find a good geospatial photo gallery to re-host all the pictures.


by Heather Email

(Posting some news here in case anyone still checks in on the website. I'm on Facebook, so friend me if you're there!)

That's right, folks. There's going to be a New Kid on the Block! I'm currently in my second trimester. The baby will be delivered via C-section at the end of June/beginning of July. The official due date is July 3, so it will probably be in that week before. We do not know the sex, and it is my plan to keep us from finding out the sex, no matter how hard Matt may try at my ultrasound next month.

So, New Kid (as he or she is known) will be just under 18 months younger than Max. Max has no idea what is coming, and it seems pretty pointless to waste much time trying to explain it to one so little. We're sure he'll get used to being a big brother pretty quick. He definitely already has the "big" part down.

And to answer the burning questions: Yes, we planned it this way. No, we're not crazy. But can anyone truly crazy ever really know that they are crazy, or would they just deny it anyway?